Monday, February 8, 2010

Starting Something New

I felt compelled this evening to talk about how challenging, courageous, and exciting starting something new can be. Think about all the great things that have occurred in humanity because someone dared to start something new! We've touched outer space. We've found cures for many diseases. We've built incredible cities and monuments. But what about the little things? The seemingly mundane and what appear to be small beginnings that turn into something incredible? That is the power of YOU!
I recalled today when I was a kid, how fun it was to explore and find new places in the woods behind my house. But when my parents decided it was time to move to a new neighborhood, I decided that kind of "starting something new" was just not as fun or exciting. Leaving behind the old can be so challenging and even downright scary! The comfort of the ferns I grew to know; the bumps in the trails I walked through for years were familiar, peaceful, and gave me great strength. But I had to move away and let them all go. What I discovered was our new house and neighborhood supported me in new ways that I were more beneficial to me as I entered my teen years. What seemed so frightening to me as a new beginning actually turned out to be perfect for me in a short period of time. I still had to face my fears. I had to find solutions to my challenges. And all of that helped me grow in my own power.

I was inspired today by a young woman who has been working diligently to go to school, work full time, and support herself while she goes after her big dreams. I know that she has everything she needs with her, right now, to succeed, and yet I also know that where she's standing is a frightening place. She is beginning something new. She is staring down her fears, her disappointments of the past, and even her regrets of bygone decisions so she can make headway toward her true heart's desire. She's releasing old patterns, old stories, old tapes, and making a plan that will move her forward in a positive direction of her dreams. Nothing is more inspiring than that! Her courage, strength, and conviction that she can begin her life right now, in this moment, again is nothing short of amazing! It reminded me that we all have that power, and we can exercise it in any given moment!

I took a moment to reflect on that power, and I discovered something in my own life that is ready to begin anew! My office is a place that has served many people on their journey to find themselves, including myself and my partner. It was a place designed with deep intention to give our friends, family, clients, and ourselves a space to truly be open, honest, and in touch with our authentic selves. It's been a place of absolute peace, joy, and growth, as well as my home away from home for five years. And today, I could see that I need to let it go. It's time, I thought, to start something new! I cherish my office, just as I cherished those woods behind my house when I was a little girl. But this time I have a deeper understanding that I can recreate the feeling I get from my office (or from those woods) in so many different ways, that I no longer need to be attached to the place or the specific location. I can release that attachment and allow myself to really begin again to have all of the feeling of safety, comfort, inspiration, and love around me wherever I am. It's so liberating--and so scary at the same time!

Beginning something new requires curiosity, courage, and faith. Do you have what it takes to go boldly in the direction of your dreams? What stops you from going? Old tapes? Fears you can not face? I say, go for the gusto and try. What's that fabulous saying once spoken by Neil Armstrong, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Go ahead...take a small step. What you'll learn about yourself and what truly touches your heart's desire will be profound! Who knows what you may impact on a larger scale! I'm going for it! And I'm looking forward to meeting more people on the trail out here who are going for it too! As Shasheen would say....Giddy-up!

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  1. Very interesting. Giddy up is right. Great insight -- great advice.